Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cosmic Kitten Pouch

I don't know why I think of the word 'cosmic' when I see this print?
Maybe it's the way just they are floating against a mint blue 'sky'? In any case they are featured with doilies and flowers so it's really a bit more 'cottagey'? ; )

 The other bag is now on it's way to a new home-thank you-

This is the last I have of this print, apart from a narrow strip I will probably use as a border and perhaps keep for myself. Unfortunately the store I bought this at, had no more and I'm growing fond of this print.I'm not even sure who makes it as the piece I bought had nothing written in the selvadge, but I do remember it is Japanese. Anyone know?

This bag is more of a traditional makeup bag/ pencil case size.

now in the shop

This time around, I played off the peachy tones and added a wide pink twill tape and light peach zipper.

I'm trying to get things made up and added to the shop as school will be starting here very soon and.I'll be searching out a part time job -I have one in mind- wish me luck : )  I feel like the little time I have now, will diminish even further. I'll just have to manage and stretch my hours even better ; )


Heather said...

Oh, now this is JUST adorable! And perfect for back to school :)

andrea creates said...

thanks heather! :)

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