Friday, August 15, 2014

Sabi Hat or Knitting ZigZags

Just finished up this hat.It's the Sabi Hat by Olgajazzy.

My goal has been to try out some 'new to me' techniques. Added to my love of hat making, and this pattern fit the bill.
You may remember I made this hat of hers a few weeks back...
As with that one, this one has a lot of visiual interest without being too too complicated. I like that it isn't boring and yet fairly easy to follow. With lace patterns, I tend to lose my spot often and have to mark the lines with post it notes or pencil where I am. This one, I was able to tell just  where I left off only by counting the rows for each zig and zag ; )
I did mess up (I'm assuming it's my fault although I saw another on ravelry had a similar problem)the decreasing count at some point, and just kept going because the pattern stitch count worked out anyway. However, the top ended up a bit pointy so I'm not sure if it's due to that or what. I may add a pompom if I can't block it out-which I'm sure I probably won't be able to. I am now onto the next hat...the 'RickRack'...

I do want to make another one soon,~My ravelry notes are here if you are interested...

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