Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pocket Clutch Organizers Pick 2

I am still going through most of my things, especially the current listings. They're all over my kitchen table where I have been taking my recent photos.
Yep that's my kitchen table in the background of most of my pics.- complete with paint marks.
The table was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought when we came to the United States. It was super cheap at the OCC swap meat. We have sure got our money out of it. It's one of those 1950's(?) wooden ones with turned, slightly flared legs and has gone from white paint with blue stencils (yeah I did that ;) to the now dark wood version. 
The paint marks are courtesy of my daughter's school projects. I think it adds character.

flap/button details
  Anyway I've gotten completely off track...
 I should not allow myself to make anything else 'til all of this goes. My idea is to have a little sale- Say, for these organizers: qty 1= $22.00, and qty 2= $40.00. Not sure yet how to set that up on etsy, but that's my next stop.(of course that is while current supplies last-they're all one of a kind so no more of the same)
 In the meantime if there is one-or 2 you'd like before I get that all done-let me know here or there, via comment section here or convo there ; )
pockets and linings
I love making these -the pattern is by michellepatterns- Small projects with so many ways to use up various fabrics, fun buttons and trim...
my favorite one will be hard to part with!

These are great for organizing any number of smaller things in your purse.they're called pocket clutches but I don't think they'd fit in your pocket unless it was a very big pocket.They are about 'hand sized'-that is they fit in your hand-just slightly larger. I like stashing gum or money and various store cards in mine.My Mom's got all her money and cards in hers.they make great gifts : )
Meanwhile I'll be taking more pics and working on that hat design.I completely tore one apart after getting it halfway done.Took me days as the yarn was so fine.I haven't shared the original hat here yet, but you can see it in my instagram...


Martina said...

Really nice - and wow, you get so much sewing done - bravo for that Andrea! Hope you have a lovely week!

Lisa Zinza said...

cute little creations! love the color/pattern combos. happy colors!

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