Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cotton and Steel Projects

 Just wanted to try and post these from my phone/ instagram andrea1creates (link in sidebar).

Some recent things I've been working on...
Above, this bag will hopefully get finished today. I am about to attach the handles but they come with little 'shield shaped' pieces in the same vinyl and I've never seen this before and wasn't sure what to do with them. So I slept on it and woke up thinking, hey I bet those get stitched on the lining side for reinforcement(!). No? Maybe not but I think that's what I'll try and do.
I dyed the pink linen lining myself. I have several pieces in different colors and these just (luckily )seemed to go well with this print.

Love these Cotton and Steel prints .(Sorry I can't figure out how to add links from my phone but a quick google search should work ; )
I tend to make things I need and this pouch was a result of the need for a wide opening, flat bottom bag that wasn't too tall so I could find my knitting and crochet notions at a glance.

And this bag. It had gone through several modifications before ending like this. At least the handles did. I tried 3 different ways and ended pretty happily with these.  The top bag will be the same shape, just vinyl handles.
All fabrics Cotton and Steel.

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Kathy E. said...

It's a great looking bag! I like to make things, too, that have a purpose. Today, I had some time and wanted to make something. I looked at my plastic basket full of thread, all wild and jumbled and in a few hours, I had made a cute little fabric basket to hold about 1/2 of them. Now I need another afternoon to make a twin! Cool that you dye your own fabric!

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