Friday, May 8, 2009

I have been so super busy

MaMa~I am waiting to hear from you...I tried emailing...I will have to go ahead and go with my second runner up if I don't hear from you by May 20th.....Please contact me here as I would really love to get the Cheery Cherry Pouch off in the mail : )

I have been super busy and not crafting as much as I would like. ( Craft withdrawal cold turkey...Not so good ; ) )
Packing, volunteering, fixing up our home to rent....Throw in some sick kids and I'm not even getting much sleep!
Today, I have to go get ready for 2 jog-a-thons, library volunteering, and calling new schools...I keep playing phone tag with them ...

The above picture is just something from my shop...On husband's computer with no pictures to share except this one. I'm letting things expire in the shop and will slowly add new ones, when I get some time. Maybe this weekend:)


MaMa said...

Hi Andrea - I've sent you an email with my contact info. Thank you so so much! I really love this pouch & them items in your etsy shop. Happy sewing....Lisa (MaMa)

andrea creates said...

Yay-great! I will get that in the mail for you today or tomorrow-

Ann Renee Lighter said...

What a cute camera case !
I really like the fabrics you use, and the colors.
Nice work!

Jillianmackowiak said...

Hi Andrea!

I'm sorry you're having craft withdrawal, but I can TOTALLY relate! My new job is really kicking my butt, don't get me wrong I'm really enjoying what I am doing but it leaves me pooped by the end of the day.

Anyways, that's an adorable little pouch. I hope you find some time to get some crafting done!

Take care,
Jillian :)

Jenn said...

Hi Andrea! I can relate as well! It's so hard to juggle everything AND craft! Hope you had a special day yesterday:)


Heather said...

your little creations are the cutest! I love the fabrics you use~ the sweetest...

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