Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shopping for children on Mother's Day 'with' Chris Rock

Future Log Cabin Bunny Cell phone cozy

O.k, so we weren't actually shopping with him...Let me explain....

As usual, we had no particular plans for Mother's Day. My Mom moved out of state last year...and I don't like to make plans .
We ended up going to L.A. I want to go to some of our favorite places before we move, but when my kids hear L.A all they think is The American Girl store. My knitting shops were closed so I didn't really mind what we did.
First we stopped at an Italian restaurant that my husband has wanted to go to for awhile-yep, Mother's Day, all about me (lol).
Afterward we went to the American Girl store. Have you ever been there? They have these neat little I guess you'd call them 'vignettes'(?) , little 'rooms' featuring the Historical Dolls, oh maybe 8 or 10 ft square give or take...they show all of the clothes, some have little films of what it was like during the specific doll's era, props and so forth....My girls were looking for food. Doll food. Dolls have to eat too (!).We stopped in the 'Addie ' room , some people came in and I recognized Chris Rock right away. It's funny because it sometimes takes me awhile to recognize people I know outside of where I know them from, but I guess my kids have been watching Madagascar a lot lately and somehow I always end up stuck on the word 'crackalacking' for weeks....don't ask....
Anyway he turned his head to the wall trying not to be seen but I gave him a big smile and left him alone...no pictures, no autographs. He spent as much time in that place as us. Which for Mother's Day was a lot. I asked the girls if they wanted to ask him for his autograph but they were too shy.Did I mention they love Madagascar?? I spent my first ten years in and around L.A, and we always saw celebrities. The parents of most of the kids in my schools were 'in the biz' somehow. Some of the kids too.

Oh and I got a gift card for one of my favorite stores and a haircut 'card' too....

In other news...
I just finally got around to going to my P.O box and got the ring I won from Pixe's Treasure Chest
Very nice!

And a Panda note card from Patricia Snow

Really nice!

I've also gotten a teeny tiny bit of work done....

Log Cabin Bunny cell phone cases

Maybe I'll get them finished before everything in my shop expires!


Christie Cottage said...

Cool way to spend Mother's Day.

American Girl Dolls and their accessories are awesome!

Silver Knight said...

cute and lovely work!

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