Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

Wishing my blogging friends, visitors, friends and family near and far a Happy New Year.
Thank you for stopping by throughout the year. I really appreciate every comment and all of your kind , supportive words : )

I decided to write a longer post~some of the technicalities-scanning photos etc...didn't work out. So I will put half of the post today and hopefully the other half tomorrow...

1st 1/2:
Do you make new year's resolutions?
In my previous post, I mentioned one of my creative resolutions...I don't really make 'official' resolutions. I try and contemplate things I'd like to do, more, better, quit. Perhaps call it a 'goals' list.
I find I feel more motivated, get more accomplished and am less stressed, if I have specific goals written down on a list I can scratch off as I go. A visual. A sense of getting something accomplished-finished. When, if you're a (work at home) mom~ the never ending piles of laundry and stacks of dishes, meal cooking, fill in the blanks_______, ________make me, at least, feel that I'm just spinning my wheels in never ending, never finished chores. no particular are some of my, mostly creative related goals for 2010:

Goal #1 is to improve my blog/shop/business. More specifically marketing, taking better photos, adding more things, more often to my shop. Doing some shows-I really miss those. I haven't done one in 2 years :(
I also want to write tutorials, submit things for publication and more.

Goal #2 is to finish my workspace-we have a guy coming Sunday to give us an estimate (!) yippee!!

Goal #3 ~Improve/advance my sewing skills- try out more complicated things. I am mostly self taught -and have never really been that great at making clothes, unless it was something really simple. For Christmas I received this book and this book-I know they're kind of advanced, but I am determined... I can't wait to make my own things....

Goal #4~ Improve/advance my knitting skills...I have never made a sweater(!) I bought needles and yarn yesterday to start this project. O.k, it's not really a sweater..but I think I should start with a project that has no sleeves. And I think it's cute.
I did make this, this month. From this book:

It turned out smaller than I had hoped because I used smaller needles.Thankfully I know someone who can wear it ; )

I'm pretty impressed with myself. I even noticed a mistake(??) in the book, that I tried over and over to get right. I didn't give up. I emailed the author and she kindly gave me the correction/explained what I was doing wrong.
I also want to start adding my projects to to my ravelry page~photos of things I'm making. I have ideas for patterns I'd like to try and write out ~stay tuned for that : )

Hopefully I can iron out the technical difficulties and post the rest tomorrow. Meanwhile have a Happy, healthy , safe New Year's Eve :)

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Ann Renee Lighter said...

Wishing you a happy and creative 2010 Andrea.
Your knitting project is so impressive ! I have never tried knitting (yet).
I enjoyed your holiday photos in the previous post as well. Those cookies looked so good!
Best Wishes!

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