Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to school coffee

Why is it, all throughout Winter break I tear myself out of bed by 6:30 a.m with no problem? No sleeping in for me. I couldn't if I tried.
This back to school morning I awoke to the sound of my daughter's alarm clock-set for 6:30. I could have sworn it was 3 hours earlier when I had finally drifted off to sleep. I could not open my eyes.
I laid there as long as I could, half awake, listening to the sounds of everyone getting ready for the day, wishing I could stay where I was, longer.
What finally tore me out of bed?
Coffee. More precisely, my husband's coffee. For more years than I can remember I have had a perfect cup of latte every morning and sometimes during the day...
My husband is Italian. We met in France~we worked together for my Dad. Coffee is a serious thing in Italy and France.
He finally got a pretty nice machine last year. I don't know how to use the machine so when he's not here, instant coffee for me it is.

A few days back I promised to show something I made a few Valentine's Day's back and wanted to make for the shop.
And here it is....
Sometimes I call it the "Valen~Pouch" for lack of being able to think of anything else to call it...

A heart shaped pouch, perfect for any little things you might carry around with you. Coins, lip gloss, chocolate ; )

this one's now in the shop

I also promised some more of my resolutions or goals...I figure if I ''put them out there'' I will be more motivated to do them :)
In the non creative department :
Goal #5~exercise
I have been using the Wii fit we got for Christmas everyday since Christmas. Now I know it isn't quite the same as going out and actually exercising, but it's freezing here and I hate to exercise so if it's disguised as a game I think I can keep at it. I haven't missed a day yet and have done up to a little over an hour.
I did not inherit the exercise gene from my Dad. He did bodybuilding in Morocco, where he let cars run over him on purpose and all other kinds of crazy muscle man stunts. He had a black belt in karate and used to brag he could tear the L.A phone book into inch squares.
No, my idea of exercise is usually knitting on the sofa.

Here he is in the plaid shirt in Morocco

That's his picture there in Morocco around that time.This is one of few pictures I can find right now. Since we moved I can't find his photo album. When he died I took all of his photos to copy for all 5 of us kids. I did get around to doing that, but now I can't find the actual album. I know it's in here somewhere. I hope.

Which brings me to Goal #6:
Get organized, unpack etc.etc.
I keep thinking of things I can't find since our move. It makes me crazy. Time to get off of here and start putting things away today...


Christie Cottage said...

Your pouch is awesome!

I love coffee in the morning and in the winter during the evening hours. Just Maxwell House Master Blend or sometimes Gevalia flavored coffee.

Even smelling coffee in the mornings makes me wake up!

Chloe' said...

Hey There Andrea! Thankyou So much for your comment on my blog, im glad you liked the post :o)

Your little pouch is sooo cute (^_^) i'll pop over to your shop and see in just a tic!

Love the goals/resolutions - mine are very similar :o)

I hope you can get settled soon, we want you making again!

Thankyou again, take care :o)

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