Monday, January 4, 2010

Me and some more projects

assembly line of 3

And, because I said I would change things up a little on the blog, in the shop etc. for the new year.....
I thought I'd finally show a photo of myself (!)
Now I realize it is a few years old...but I wanted to start somewhere.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Does that count?
I was 4 and modest, and I knew we would have to get dressed at the photo shoot so I made sure I wore my leotard underneath my clothes- I planned in advance.
Then my cousin got there and forgot her whole leotard ensemble. I had to share. Which meant I had to change my clothes-at the studio, despite my careful planning. I was so mad I'm surprised I was able to smile in the picture. We went to the Al Gilbert Dance Academy in Hollywood...

this one didn't get completely cut out 1st time around~looks like a butterfly~hmm, new inspiration?

Now for today's project. I'm working on some more Valentine pouches. You can see the assembly line up at the top of the post. I cut out 3. I usually don't do that, making one at a time. But, I really want to get these listed by tomorrow.

Today is a snow day here. I've never 'been through' a snow day before. In France, we went rain snow or sun. Anyway, the kids are home and I'm getting more accomplished. Fingers crossed.

i'm really liking how this one is turning out

Is it snowing where you are? The same cousin just called and said Thursday and Friday might be snow days too! this is the interior pre~ assembly


affectioknit said...

Cute photo - and I love the hearts!

Anonymous said...

Try -- it's like Photoshop but free. clone stamp, layers, all that jazz. I use it.

Alecia said...

Aww...I love these hearts! So pretty!!

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