Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Snow Day.I'm spoiled.Questions

Yep, another snow day for us. Did I mention I 'm not used to these? The flakes are bigger than I think I've ever seen.
How do people work (outside the home) with kids at home?
Will the kids go to school?
Can we sleep in?
What if you get stuck at work?
Do we have enough groceries?
Should I go to the doctor/dentist/whatever now?
What if we need to go out?
What if the electricity goes out?- We did buy a generator- so I can keep sewing~lol.
My car almost didn't even start yesterday. The garage door is broken so it has to stay outside :(

I've been spoiled for the last 16 years by the California sunshine. I was telling my husband yesterday..."Over there..."(in Orange County) you never had to get out of bed and think or plan for the weather.
Sometimes it rains, a lot, like in February. At most, you might have to cancel an outdoor activity.
If I ever see a tornado, I'll be "outta here" for sure. Are there tornadoes around here?
Enough whining...

I think I never showed my Christmas wreath...Before I put it away:

Some of the wreath's parts went missing in the move...Probably with those other things I mentioned before...
Some things like the mittens have been on there for years.
I added some partially broken ornaments- a polka dot ribbon and a little gnome from Ikea on there- I Went with a red theme because I saw a lovely red themed wreath on a French blog. I can't remember where now.
My daughter and I started putting Christmas away today~I like to leave my things up til Epiphany. Just a habit...We left the tree up tho' , because we still haven't taken our family photo in front of it. I still haven't sent out my European Christmas cards :0

We've had some handymen over for 2 days doing drywall and stuff in my future studio-i.e: a quarter of the basement...
I'll post some photos of the process as it gets done. I think it'll be interesting to see the progression.
The painting will be up to me.
I'm not sure about lighting either.
I hate fluorescent.
Any ideas?

One way...those broken blinds are coming down very soon.

the other way...towards the unfinished part...

I've been working on a project from this book. It's not turning out too well. It's my fault. I'm not used to working with such small pieces and I think (know) I screwed up adding 1/4 inches somewhere...I'll get it done soon.
But, I've put it aside for now and have added a 3rd pouch to the shop -up there on top.

Going to go do some knitting...and sewing and drinking of hot chocolate -How about you?


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Hey Andrea, sorry haven't been by recently...I have to re-orgeanize my blog and place you over to my right hand column.
We have snow for 5 months of the year and people still go to work in a blizzard and everything still functions...I was over in the UK for Xmas and it snowed 4 inches...and NO body could do anything! AMAZING.
Love your wreath and your new little heart pouches!
HAPPY 2010!

CailinMarie said...

LOVE love love that heart!!! Where do you get your fabrics? It is so pretty! and I love a snow day. And I don't know how people work outside of their home when their kids have a day off - or are sick - or anything really. Our school has the most random teacher enrichment days and the kids have off and what would one do???

CailinMarie said...

ps. I hate florescents too. Hope you can find a good solution.

Lori R said...

Cute little heart pouches! I found you through "next blog" such a fun game to play! We just moved to South OC this summer--would you like to know today's weather? (hint: gorgeous and no snow involved) :)

Chrissy Ann Ceramics said...

Good luck getting use to the snow! Lol.. I've lived in New England my whole life, and still.. I can not get use to it! :)
I love your heart pouch! I will look for it in your shop!
Happy New Year,

Lori R said...

Hi Andrea!
Next blog is not really a game--just something I do to cruise the internet! See that blue navbar at the top of your blog? There should be a button called "next blog" that will take you to another blog that supposedly has something in common with yours. I like to see how Google interprets my blog by seeing where they send me next! Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it's just goofy. I've found some interesting people that way! like you :)

Heather said...

Hmmm, so it sounds like you may have moved closer to me, if you're concerned with tornados and are now dealing with snow ;) Oh, this crazy prairie weather...

McMaster and Storm said...

hellloooooooo! can't wait to peek at your new space, how fun!
catching up to see what you've been doing! stay warm!

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