Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From signage to lettering

I have still not started up the sewing machine...Plans to do so today tho'- it's supposed to be the hottest day of the year here, and it's nice and cool in the basement studio....

Here are a few more photos of our trip. I can't think of a particular theme-how about: from "signage" to "lettering"?
I just love the little school xing sign above. The school bags and ponytail=too cute.
Lots of these photos were shot from my passenger window moving along the if they're a wee bit blurry, that's why ; )
This one was taken in a park in Munich:

Holding hands

Here's a"sign" on a school bus in Italy. I love the lettering. Make me almost want to take the bus to school ; )

More lettering, this time on a store:

Speaking of lettering... I might as well show some of the things I buy on our trip. I'm not sure what types of things most people buy when they go to Europe...but I have a few "must get's"....
One of them is, a "stylo plume". I suppose it's called a fountain pen in English?
As a student in France, one must use one of these-at least 'back in my day'. I'm sure it hasn't changed much.
If I remember right, they learn to write in "cursive" first, and with a pen. Not "printing" first, and not with a pencil. I felt so out of place when I showed up to my first day of school with a pencil !!
You can purchase these in most grocery type stores or nicer "paper, book etc." stores.
Sometimes the cheap ones are fine, sometimes they're duds. We went through a few during the school year, but when we got one we liked we had to hang onto it. I can still remember one I really liked. Green with a silver metallic lid. It wrote smoothly and didn't leak all over papers...I don't think I have it anymore. Oh well.
I bought this one, this trip. Just a cheap grocery store kind.

Here's a quick little "sort of " tutorial on how to get the ink started (in case you should ever get one)...

1. when you first buy your pen, getting the ink to flow can be tricky.

2. Sometimes it helps to turn the pen upside down, and run the nib across the paper carefully

3. sometimes it helps to hold the nib in between your fingers. I guess this is why I don't care when I run around town now with paint on my clothes and hands,lol

4. in case you don't like ink on your fingers-or you make a mistake, you can use these"erasers".they're dual side has the "eraser" and one has a different kind of ink to rewrite with. Having good paper is key too.! a few more upside down passes and the ink finally starts to to practice : )
love the handwriting on this 'ragu' jar. I used the jar to bring back extra inks without them breaking in the worked : )

these are some handmade paper wrapped "calligraphy pens"(and a pencil) i brought back from venice a few years back
.i have antique nibs i use

And because this post is getting super long...I'll share my chocolate tins and vespas for tomorrow : )

Happy crafting!!


Art and Clasp said...

That school bus lettering is the cutest thing! It looks like something out of an illustration, how wonderful that it actually exists! :D

Heather said...

these photos are amazing! And love the stylo pen :) I remember being so excited to learn cursive writing....I cant imagine that they learn that FIRST!

Maria Isabel said...

Wow those "lettering" make me feel ashamed of the ones we have at home! Those have such style and look adorable!

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