Friday, September 3, 2010

The case of the bag on a mission

Wowee~ this bag just did not want to be made. It was on a mission. (lol-sort of)

I had completely finished it, but decided that even though my new favorite interfacing is great-I should never use an iron with steam with interfacing. I know, I know, it's always on the instructions-I think, isn't it? Don't use steam? I usually can get away with it, but not this time. I had to take the whole bag apart and take off the interfacing and cut the bag parts down smaller and redo the zipper and so on. So not fun.
I also had to redo the strap/zipper section several times due to the way that I install it. I want the strap to lay flat against the body so it doesn't twirl, after all if is a sling bag- however the way that I have devised to do this is confusing and every time I go to do it, I mess up, double twirl it, and have to redo that whole section :0
(Note to self-write down the instructions for myself next time!)

So anyway, here it is. The bag that refused to be made ; )

A closeup of the vintage buttons and lace crochet trim:

It's smaller than the previous sling bag I made, but just as handy ; ) It's also going in the shop today.


T @ Poppy Place said...

Andrea, sorry you had to rip the bag apart. I have done that no end with interfacing, right at the end of a project and I could kick myself. Sometimes it works out and others don't.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, T. :)

PonderandStitch said...

Oh my gosh, I've had to rip apart bags and other things (all my cuffs are interfaced, too) and it just totally sucks! My iron is no good- I have the steam turned off but it still puffs out steam from time to time. Your bag turned out really cute. :D

kt said...

this post made me laugh only because i could so relate! I made a tote this weekend that started out as a big generous bag only for it to end up a small tote because of all my sewing blunders:) I just wasn't in the "sewing zone":)
I love the bag you did come up with in the end.

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