Monday, November 12, 2012

Cozy Flannel Collar

Yesterday was sunny & breezy with warm winds~ almost like the Santa Ana winds I'm used to in California..
I was varnishing doors and woodwork & wanted to get around to painting the front door and sidelites but time flew and I didn't get the chance. I put it off for today,thinking the weather would keep up and of course wouldn't you know it, it's rainy, grey and cold now. Plus I do think I spotted a snowflake!

So instead, I made a cozy flannel collar:

 This flannel is sooo super soft~ I love it!
I think it would warm up any outfit ;)
I might make up some cowls with it :)(flannel by Moda) 

I made this covered button too and added some vintage lace to it. This one is stitched on, but it could very easily be removed if you wanted.

I think I'll add this one to the shop and go make a hot chocolate!

P.S~tomorrow I'll share how I make the covered buttons


Christie Cottage said...

I have some of those collars made up. I love them! They are great for dressing up my favorite winter shirt...a sweatshirt!

Have a great day!


koralee said...

Oh my goodness this is adorable....I can just think of so many cute ways to wear the flannel part of it too. xoxo

Happybee said...

This is beautiful Andrea and perfect for fall!!!!
Have a lovely week!!!

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